June’s Birthstone – Pearl

Pearls are known throughout history for their incredible luster and shine. In ancient China, they were believed to protect from fire and evil dragons, whereas in Europe they signified modesty and purity.

Pearls are thought to embody the nature of water, since they grow in oysters and mussels.

Natural pearls don’t have any human assistance. They grow entirely naturally. Cultured pearls, on the other hand, re      quire humans to plant a bead nucleus in the oyster or mussel that will grow the pearl. The oyster coats the bead nucleus in a substance called nacre, which creates the actual pearl. Pearl culturing has been popular since the 1920’s, founded in China and expanded by Japan.

Pearls come in many colors, such as white, cream, gold, black, and metallic dark purple and dark green. Pearls also come in many shapes and sizes, especially freshwater pearls.

Pearls have different grades of quality, with AAA generally being the absolute best in color and luster. Different companies have different grading systems.

Pearls are very delicate, easily scratched and abraded. They’re attacked by many chemicals such as hair spray, perfume, and even sweat! Because of this, always put pearls on after using hair spray and such things. Regularly wipe pearls with a soft cloth after each wearing.

If pearls are strung as a necklace, it’s recommended to restring them once a year, to ensure that the string doesn’t wear out and break. When this repair occurs, we also check the pearls to see if there’s any damage.