Frequently Asked Questions: Pearl Care

It’s the month for pearls! We wanted to share some helpful tips for caring for these delicate stones.

  • Try not to get pearl strands wet. Water and other liquids can damage the string holding the pearls together, weakening it.
  • Always put pearls on after applying hairspray, perfume, and other chemicals. They can damage the pearl’s outer lustre, dulling them.
  • Also, be careful not to scratch pearls with clothing or rough towels. They can be scratched even by wool!
  • To clean loose pearls, wash them gently with dish soap and warm water. Dry them with a microfiber towel. You can wipe pearl strands gently with a soft cloth to remove any excess oils or dirt.
  • It’s recommended to restring pearls every few years, to ensure the string won’t break.
  • Wearing pearls is a good thing! The natural oils in our skin help the pearls remain shiny. Don’t be afraid to pull them out for any occasion.
  • Don’t store pearls in an airtight container, because they need moisture from their environment. Otherwise, they can crack. So safe deposit boxes really aren’t suggested for pearl storage.