September’s Birthstone – Sapphire

Did you know sapphires come in more colors than just blue? They also come in purple, violet, green, golden, pink, and many other shades! Padparadscha is a color of sapphire that’s a very specific pink-orange with vivid saturation of color. It’s a gorgeous stone, and its price tends to reflect that.

Sapphire is associated with romance and royalty, which was reinforced when Lady Diana’s engagement ring was created with a blue sapphire. Sapphires are also thought to attract blessings and protect from harm.

Any corundum that isn’t ruby is sapphire, including stones that are a bit too pink to be rubies. Besides color, ruby and sapphire have the same chemical makeup as corundum.

Excellent toughness and a Mohs hardness of 9 means that sapphires are perfect for all types of jewelry, including rings and bracelets.

Historically, the Kashmir region in Pakistan was a famous source of sapphires, although supply is now very sparse from these mines.

Sapphires can be fracture filled with oil or resin. If they’ve been treated, the best way to clean them is with warm, soapy water and a soft toothbrush.