Wayne’s Wisdom: Tips for Picking an Engagement Ring

Wayne Starkey, our store co-owner, has over 35 years of experience as a jeweler. With all his knowledge, there’s no one better to ask about jewelry! This week, we’ve decided to pick his brain about engagement rings, to see what info he has to share with us.

Q: What would you say is the most important component of picking an engagement ring?

A: I would say price. I don’t recommend going over budget, there’s many affordable options for any price range. Sometimes what you want does go over budget, so try to stick within a set price range and not go over it.

Q: Have you noticed any trends in engagement rings over the past few years?

A: Princess cut stones have overtaken marquise, although round stones are still the most popular. A very popular style right now is the halo style, although keep in mind: more prongs = more work. Lab grown stones are also being requested more often.

Q: How important is the quality of the stone?

A: Very high. Carat weight tends to be the most important factor for price, with a bigger stone having a higher price tag. Deciding which carat weight you want affects the size of the stone, so it’s really a matter of personal choice. Within the carat weight you choose, try to get the highest clarity you can, and the best color.

Q: Are there any stones you don’t recommend for engagement rings?

A: Anything besides diamond, sapphire, and ruby generally don’t have the durability to last long term. You want the stone to last forever, so I’d really recommend sticking with a harder, durable stone.

Q: Any facts about engagement rings you want to share?

A: Any woman who wants one should have one! It’s an excellent way to start a commitment. It doesn’t have to be a huge diamond, it’s the meaning behind it that’s important.